October 2019 update

Dear friends and supporters

It’s update time

Mytracknet iOS application

Our iOS application is already in a very good shape and it will get the exact same features as the android.

The tracker scanning functionality is giving us some troubles but as the developers reporting me seems like we surpassed the difficulties and we are almost there.

When we have every function of the iOS running flawless, we are going to start a refreshment of the iOS User Interface. This procedure is expected to start in the next two weeks.

The Android and the iOS applications are already connected and communicate from the same database this way Android users are able to help iOS users and vice versa.

Mytracknet Business to Business solutions

I do not get many questions about this part of our project and I think it is crucial to shed some light on the power and opportunities of our B2B solutions. Our B2B use cases are countless ranging from Hotels, Nursing houses, Smart homes, Rental cars, Fleet management services to the next level of smart cities.

I am glad to inform you that we do have a first version of the software already in testing! I did test it by myself using

a) Linux Debian into a virtual machine acting as server

b) A Raspberry pi 3 as the first hot-spot / scanner

c) A Raspberry pi 4 as the second hot-spot / scanner

The system works flawlessly and I am happy to inform you that in the next two months we are going to test those in real life environment at a very big nursing house with more than 10 Bluetooth hot-spots interconnected. When we get the first data and fix any bug that may arrive, the plan is to bring the software to the next level and start implementing AI algorithms that will “learn” the structure of the building and the possible paths that a user may take and also show abnormal paths and behaviors of individual users.