Project / Vision

Learn more about Mytracknet and our vision

Mytracknet is a start-up company that develops the first Global Lost & Found Network based on Bluetooth and Blockchain technology in order to provide an innovative solution to the problem of missing items, pets and people.

We want to financially incentivize users through our token Reward System to have the maximum community engagement possible. Token rewards are provided by miles coverage, as well as through manual retrieval bounties set by people for lost items, pets or even people.

Mytracknet proposes a real solution to the everyday problem of missing valuables, aiming to provide peace of mind, minimize costs of retrieval and time spent on the trivial operations during the retrieval process.

Use cases

The Network can be used to assist tracking with:

  • Pets (dogs, cats etc.)
  • Keys, Mobile phones, Suitcases / Luggage
  • Kids
  • Dementia patients
  • Tracking services in case of a disaster
  • Fleet management industry

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