What is Mytracknet?

Mytracknet is a global lost and found platform incorporating an innovative reward mechanism into the network.

What is so unique about Mytracknet?

Mytracknet offers a unique combination of services that promote community engagement and contribute to the efficiency of the network. These are:

  • The reward mechanism
  • Manual inquiries
  • The ability to connect any Bluetooth tracker or Bluetooth device into one network
What is MTNT?

MTNT is the native utility token that Mytracknet users will be rewarded just by running the application in the background. They can later convert it to dollars/euro or crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, etc.) through the in-app automated system.

What is and why does MTNT use the Waves blockchain?

Mytracknet features a uniquely implemented reward mechanism powered by the Waves Platform blockchain technology, which boasts high network throughout capacity, low latency and low transaction fees. Mytracknet is the 1st winner of the official Waves Lab competition and is having the support of the Waves team.

Where can I read more about Mytracknet?

Make sure you follow our official channels at Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.