Mytracknet – Giveaway

Mytracknet Giveaway

We are happy to announce our Mega Giveaway with 50.000 mTNT tokens!

During recent months, we are concentrating on the details of our project concerning the aspects:
• Mobile application’s improvements
• Marketing structure & schedule
• Financial structure
• Communication with Municipalities / Influencers etc. for boosting the project
• Bluetooth tracker production

As we are approaching the Pilot program of the project, it is important for us to reward the members of our community, for your loyalty & support.

How to participate to Mega Giveaway:

• Join our Telegram Channel

• Like & Follow our Facebook page

• Follow our Twitter account

• Follow our Instagram account

Download our Android Beta-Test version of our app (optional) [You get one extra participation point].

• Fill-in the Form here:
◦ E-mail address
◦ Telegram username
◦ Facebook username
◦ Twitter username
◦ Instagram username
◦ Waves wallet
(If you don’t have a wallet, visit waves exchange and create one. Caution: Do not use an exchange wallet, you will not be able to retrieve your tokens).

• Participants will share tokens from a pool of 50.000 mTNT.
◦ 1 participant will earn 5.000 tokens
◦ 5 participants will earn 2.000 tokens each.
◦ All other participants will share the tokens from the rest 35.000 mTNT. Note: Max tokens per participant can be up to 1.000.
• Each user can participate only with one account.
• Rules can be updated in case of misusage.

The Giveaway will be active until 20/08/2020.