Loyalty Bonus Program Update



Dear community,

In the past few months we have been thinking a lot on how we should reward our most valued investors that have supported us from the start. Based on the feedback we have received through our community channels, we feel we reached a fair way to reward participants for their trust and patience in our project. The reason we are giving out these bonuses to our loyal investors is not only to show our deepest gratitude but also to grant us the opportunity tosafeguard the project’s interests until the ICO, always with your support and backing.

Token lock-up

We had commited that the tokens would be available for trading in the Waves Decentralized Exchange once the Pre-ICO was over. The reason for doing this was so we could fully focus and commit on Mytracknet’s development without being distracted by further token inquiries as well as give newcomers the opportunity to support the project by allowing liquidity.

Unfortunately, due to fact that the general Crypto market entered a bearish period since the dawn of 2018, this also resulted in our Pre-ICO tokens taking a serious price hit in the free market as many investors were driven away due to general market pessimism. This is a natural process of every man-made market and it is a sign of maturity for crypto in the long run. Don’t forget that the first months of 2017 were estimated at just a $20billion crypto market capitalization, which is a small fraction compared to the market cap nowadays.

With the Bitcoin market now recovering a bit and the ICO details being finalised, we want to be ready to welcome new investors. We cannot stress how much we value the community’s support in this cause.

To ensure the success of our ICO, we need current investors to send their tokens to our LBP wallet before the 1st of September (updated), so we can safekeep them off the market until the end of ICO procedure. We want to prevent tokens in circulation from being sold off and causing selling pressure that will hurt both the investors’ interests and the ICO.

We all want to see Mytracknet succeed and offer a lucative investment to our community, but the only way to accomplish this right now is by stabilizing mentioned selling pressure. As such, we present the official LBP bonus procedure to be followed:

We offer 2 types of bonuses available for our investors:

● Pre-ICO Royal investors — 30% Bonus

Pre-ICO Royal investor is anyone whose address is included in the pre-ICO list.

Pre-ICO investors considered as Royal Investors receive 30% bonus and must have AT LEAST the number of tokens purchased during the pre-ICO campaign or more.

● Premium Investors — 15% Bonus

Premium Investor is anyone whose address is not included in the pre-ICO list but has purchased from the exchange since it has been available after pre-ICO.

It is important to mention that those who hold less than the number of tokens purchased during the pre-ICO (thus having sold tokens in meantime), will be treated as Premium Investors.

LBP Participants ICO Bonus

Both Royal Investors and Premium Investors will have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ICO with an extra 15% of bonus tokens on top of the regular ICO bonuses. Payment must be done from the same wallet that you used for the Pre-ICO. The bonus of 15% will be calculated after the completion of the ICO.

How does the Loyal Bonus Program work?

Our team will create a new wallet which will be fully backed by the secured non-circulating 75 million token wallet the team still holds.

● We need you to send the full corresponding amount of MyTrackNet tokens that we mentioned in order to be eligible for the bonus to LBP wallet. It’s up to you how many tokens you will send to the LBP, but you need to know that only the amount that you send to our wallet will be calculated for the bonus and to add you to the according loyalty category

● If it’s same number of tokens you originally received during Pre-ICO or even more, you will get a 30% bonus on all tokens sent.

● If it’s less than the original Pre-ICO amount you purchased but still show loyalty by locking the tokens, you will get a 15% bonus. (If you purchase enough tokens from market to get to original Pre-ICO number of tokens, you still get 30% bonus)

● Investors having purchased tokens after Pre-ICO and are willing to lock the tokens as well, will also get a 15% bonus.

IMPORTANT: The addresses who still have an amount of tokens greater than their total LBP deposited ammount will not be eligible for the bonus. You should always have less tokens into your wallet than the ones deposited at the Loyalty Bonus Program. For instance: If you send 100,000 mtnt you will not be able to receive any bonus if in any moment you have into your wallet more than 100,001 mtnt. If you want to get more mtnt you need to send your extra tokens to LBP or ask Mytracknet to send you back your tokens. If in any chance we find your active wallet with more than the deposited LBP amount then you are not eligible for the bonus.

After the ICO is done, we will investigate which Royal and Premium investors participated in the program and distribute the originally sent tokens as well as the bonus tokens accordingly to the same wallets we received the coins from.

  • *We are well aware that there might always be a reason why you had to sell a small stack of tokens, for instance to create enough Waves to have your tokens sent to a secure wallet (rather than on Exchange). If something like this is the case and you can explain why you do not hold the original amount anymore, please let us know through a private message in our telegram channel so we can investigate the case and decide whether to give 15% or 30% bonus.*

LBP Steps — How to secure your bonus

● Send your MyTrackNet (MTNT) tokens from your original (Pre-ICO) wallet to the following address:


Please BE CAREFUL and make sure you send MyTrackNet tokens (MTNT) ONLY to the above address as we are not responsible for any tokens lost due to transactions done to addresses different than the above.

● The LBP deadline of the 30% bonus is the 1st of September 2018. In the case that you send your tokens to the above address after 01/09/2018, you will not get a 30% bonus but solely 15% bonus tokens.

● Until the initiation of the ICO (date to be announced), you can keep sending any new tokens (acquired via WavesDex) to the above wallet address and they will be added to your total list of tokens.

In case you are eligible to receive 30% bonus (participation in LBP prior the due date 01/09/2018), the same bonus (30%) will also apply on newly send tokens. If not, you’ll get the 15% bonus.

●You must keep the tokens locked until ICO has finished.

● Once ICO is over, we will make sure that you get all the tokens back together with the Bonus that’s applicable for your situation.


Will I be able to get my tokens back before ICO has started?

Yes. The reason why we’re doing this Loyalty Bonus Program is to reward our most valued investors, protect your investments and safeguard the project’s sustainability for future success. We hope you will keep your tokens locked until the end, but we do want to give you the opportunity to get a refund. You can ask one of our team members/admins for a refund request. They will ask for some information (such as Wallet address, Date when you sent tokens and the number of tokens you had totally sent). Afterwards they will make sure this refund request reaches the CEO, who alone is able to access the cold wallet. He will bundle the requests and make sure the tokens will be returned to the same address we received them from. Please do note, you will not be eligible to re-apply for the LBP after a withdraw.

When ICO has started, can I still apply for a refund?

No. Once ICO has started, the refund process will be halted and you will not be able to get a refund during the ICO period. Once the ICO is over, you will receive the tokens back together with the Bonus that’s applicable for your situation.

**Important notice: The Bonus is a gift from Mytracknet. Mytracknet can deny to send the gift-Bonus tokens to any address who act in contrast of the interest of the project (for example but not limited to, dumping tokens aggressively into the market). Mytracknet is not obliged to send the Bonus to everyone! The participation is a gift that will be given to the supporters of the project and nothing more.
**Mytracknet is able to do not send any bonus-gift tokens to anyone. If you do not fully agree with this please do not participate in the Loyalty Bonus Program**

For any further questions contact with our administrators at our telegram group or at [email protected]

Again, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support. If you have any questions regarding the above, you know where to find us!

Interested in Mytracknet?

You are welcome to learn more about us through our official website https://mytracknet.com/ and send us a message if you have any questions through our social media channels:

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