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Everybody who knows mytracknet knows our Mytracknet token ($mTNT), but do you really know what you will be able to do with our token? In this document, we are going to break apart what mTNT can fuel. To find out why the mytracknet token is so important for Mytracknet, we should be aware of the revenue streams that exist in our platform and where it comes from.

1) Mytracknet users

Let’s start with the basics… Mytracknet users are getting $mTNT as a reward for their participation in our network. Without going deeper into how the rewards will be distributed, let’s see what our user can do once they have received their first 100 Mytracknet tokens.

Motivate community by using them as a bounty
Purchase mytracker
Secure a 2% discount voucher for the latest iPhone from our Partner Network
Accumulate another 150 mTNT to secure a 4% discount voucher for the latest iPhone
Get a free dinner through our Partner Network
Hold those 100 mTNT. The more mTNT you hold, the more your earn
Donate to charity organizations

And of course, the users who have some basic cryptocurrency knowledge:

Exchange them for Bitcoin
Exchange them for USD or EURO

2)Our Partners

Partners are an essential part of Mytracknet. We offer the ability to network with our active members and provide their services or products by utilizing location-targeted advertising. For businesses looking to stand out among the competition, Mytracknet provides a great opportunity. A network that is built to empower and reflect mutual respect through assistance between people for good.

Helping to build safer communities for dementia patients, the young and the elderly, Mytracknet promotes healthy lifestyles and carefree living… All we ask in return is for discounts delivered directly to our users, as most of the big corporations do so already.

So let’s see how a partner can use Mytracknet token…

Partners will pay a listing fee in mTNT (The Mytracknet token)
Let’s assume that mytracknet has secure for the users 8% discount but a user buy the 4% discount voucher then the rest 4% goes to mytracknet in the form of cash-back and part of it is required to be paid in mTNT
Mytracknet provides our partners with a number of free ‘location-targeted advertisements’. After these initial free advertisements are used, partners are required to top up their account with mTNT to continue to use this service.

3)B2B solutions of Mytracknet

Our target is to build the platform that everybody will turn too if he loses anything but that doesn’t mean that we cannot make some more sophisticated and targeted infrastructures. Those Business to Business solutions are designed especially for:

Schools (for school trips)
Elderly organizations
Pet organizations
Car rental companies

Let’s quickly analyze how a B2B solution will utilizeMytracknet tokens. But before we break down the mTNT usage, in this case, let’s first give you some clues. Car rental companies have different shops all around a country or city and some of these shops even have different parking areas that they are simultaneously using. No doubt, those companies will also have detailing businesses with whom they collaborate. So our B2B solution, in this case, is not to find a car but to know in which location of the property the car is. Is it really available as the database is showing or is it in the washing area being detailed. Has the customer left the premises or has he just arrived. We are incorporating many more sophisticated and useful functions.

So now let’s break down the mTNT usage for a deal like that.

The client will be charged for an initial installation fee according to the identified hot spots the car rental company needs (how many locations it wants to monitor)
Will have a subscription for the dashboard
And an extra small fee per month for each tracker that the company wants (every car)-they will “rent” the trackers from us instead of buying them-

The fees and payments require part payment with mTNT.

Also, in the case of loss or theft of a car, the rental company can purchase ‘Power-Of-People’ activation. This involves every Bluetooth hot spot that we have and every user of our application will be in their network to assist and hopefully to recover the lost car. This package will be paid solely in mTNT and a big part of it will be used as a bounty for whoever locates the car.

4)LoRa hot spots and Bluetooth Network

Last but not least the network we are building can be used for many different use cases and applications. You can imagine that as a parallel internet! Developers who want to build their own application on top of it are welcome to do so (after a screening procedure) and the price will be in the form of a subscription. Again, solely paid in $mTNT

That’s all for now dear friends and supporters, I hope you liked what you just read and you learned something new about Mytracknet. As you know your feedback is priceless so please feel free to contact me personally at [email protected] or find me at our telegram channel.

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