Mytracknet @ OpenB3 by Hellenic Blockchain Hub – “The Global Lost & Found Network based on Bluetooth and blockchain technology”

Mytracknet @ OpenB3 by Hellenic Blockchain Hub 29/09/2018

Mytracknet @ OpenB3 by Hellenic Blockchain Hub

Dimitris Moschos, CEO of Mytracknet presenting “The Global Lost & Found Network based on Bluetooth and blockchain technology”, subtitles provided in english (ENG).

Over 200 attendees had the opportunity to be briefed on the endeavors of the greek blockchain community, learn more about numerous greek blockchain startups and explore the latest funding tools at their disposal.

The event provided an excellent networking opportunity with multiple participants spanning from the banking, private and public sectors alike.

Learn more about OpenB3 visit their official medium post (GR).

You can find our presentation by clicking right here (GR).

Mytracknet is the first Global Lost & Found Network that combines three different technology breakthroughs of our era:

  1. Bluetooth technology
  2. The Power of People
  3. Blockchain technology

Mytracknet unites all the smartphone users worldwide in one global lost and found network, providing a dense geographical coverage, in order to help them find and retrieve their valuables, in case of a loss, in a vary fast and easy way.

Mytracknet motivates users through its blockchain powered Reward System to have the maximum participation and be the largest community in the industry.

Unique features:

    1. Compatibility with every Βluetooth tracker brand
    2. Reward System utilizing blockchain technology
    3. Manual inquires
    4. Bluetooth 5
    5. Social integration interface

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