Pilot Project Launch

First step of our Pilot is to return the tokens with the Bonus to all of our supporters who helped us to turn Mytracknet from an idea to a real platform.

As the very first step of our Pilot we chose to return the Mytracknet tokens with the Bonus to all of our supporters who helped us to turn Mytracknet from an idea to one of the very few blockchain projects with a real use case which is trying to unite people into a helpful lost and found network.
After this, we are going to start our campaigns to let our community know about what we are doing and where is our application available for download. We are starting with Android phones fully compatible with every Bluetooth tracker available in the market and iOS which will be available only for people who want to use the “manual inquires” feature of our application.

Of course, the Reward system will be available for both devices, with the androids having a small advantage because they are able to help us increase the Bluetooth tracking density of our network. So at the third roadmap step, we have the announcement of our first monthly contests that are going to take place with very nice gifts for the participants. People will be able to use their reward tokens mTNT(starting with testnet tokens) to participate in monthly contests. One token is equal to one participation, which means that the more you help in the network, the more chances you have to win gifts.
As a next step, our major campaigns will take place with heavy marketing and events taking place. You will find some good surprises there that will make you happy that you are still on board.
Then a new Loyalty Bonus Program (LBP) will be active for people who are determined to stay with us, long term and as always we want to pay back your support so we are going to have something special to offer.

Our last milestone is already in the process of development and it is about a totally new UX/UI redesign, easier and more friendly for the average user which is our target audience.

We want to thank you for being here after this long journey and for the support and excitement for Mytracknet Lost and Found network. We hope you are happy with the progress of the project and to be as excited as we are for the pilot.

Great things are just around the corner!

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Launch of our first campaigns in:

Our Pilot has started!!!!