2021 Report

Another strange but exciting year has come to its end. I would like to thank everyone for being here and fighting with Mytracknet for a better and safer future and to share with you the progress and the current state of the project.

Our pilot program is running for the last 8 months

We have almost 3,000 users registered on our platform

In the first weeks, we had a bigger marketing budget thus a very nice and fast-growing pace. In the last weeks, we are working on getting investment and/or a grant to be able to continue the aggressive marketing to be able to bring back the growth that we saw in the first weeks.

84% of our users are using Android and 16% iOS. Almost 95% choose Mytracknet for the manual inquire feature with approximately 150 incidents trying to find their lost pet with a photo, description, and the last known location, and the real-time notifications that we sent to people about the incidents are approaching 150,000. Also, 2 lost dementia patients were reported from the Greek Silver Alert incidents.

Our users scanned more than 80,000 Mac addresses and made almost 700,000 steps

As our pilot has tested most of the features and the campaigns, we now have a better view of how we can expand to the rest of the world and we will try to do this within the next few months when we get the financial freedom to do this. With the new investment will come extra development and we will also start focusing more on the crypto aspect of the project with more emphasis on the Mytracknet token and also provide some market-making to give some life to our market. As I said we are currently talking with some investors (most of them VCs) and we are going to participate in Blockchain grants. If this doesn’t work out an ICO/IEO/IDO is always a solution and we are actively investigating this option too.

The next few months will be critical for Mytracknet so I am wishing everyone a happy new year with luck, health, and many successes!

Keep on fighting with goodwill and be healthy everyone.

Happy 2022

Dimitris Moschos