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Everybody who knows mytracknet knows our Mytracknet token ($mTNT), but do you really know what you will be able to do with our token? In this document, we are going to break apart what mTNT can fuel. To find out why the mytracknet token is so important for Mytracknet, we should be aware of the […]

The Case of Missing People: Addressing a Life-Threatening Issue mytracknet

The Case of Missing People: Addressing a Life-Threatening Issue

In Mytracknet we tend to refer a lot to the “Lost & Found” industry as well as the numerous cases of missing valuables that people have lost and are actively looking to retrieve back. By “valuables” we usually refer to items of value like wallets, briefcases, keys. Let’s not forget about missing pets as well, since our little friends tend to stray […]

Mytracknet @ OpenB3 by Hellenic Blockchain Hub

Mytracknet @ OpenB3 by Hellenic Blockchain Hub – “The Global Lost & Found Network based on Bluetooth and blockchain technology”

Dimitris Moschos, CEO of Mytracknet presenting “The Global Lost & Found Network based on Bluetooth and blockchain technology”, subtitles provided in english (ENG). Over 200 attendees had the opportunity to be briefed on the endeavors of the greek blockchain community, learn more about numerous greek blockchain startups and explore the latest funding tools at their disposal. The event […]

Olivier Parmentier interview for

Olivier Parmentier interview for

  Olivier Parmentier, Marketing & Communications Director, Mytracknet Olivier Parmentier is 31 years of age, after his Accountancy study he started working at a number of banking institutions. Through his interest in upcoming economic markets and the accompanying logistics and supply chain solution, he made a career change and started to work for one of […]

Mytracknet Interview @ ONLINE — SKAI TV 31.08.2018

Mytracknet’s founder and CEO Dimitris Moschos was invited for the first Mytracknet presentation by Maira Barba (#ONline news show) at SKAI TV. Mytracknet is the first Global Lost & Found Network that combines three different technology breakthroughs of our era: 1. Bluetooth technology 2. The Power of People 3. Blockchain technology Mytracknet unites all the […]

Introduction to the Tracking Industry

Location tracking and GPS systems have known intense growth and use by millions of people all over the globe thanks to the integration of appropriate software and hardware in modern smartphones. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the tracking industry as a whole has been flourishing for the past years. From personal GPS tracking […]

mytracknet global lost and found network august community update

Mytracknet August Community Update

Dear Community, First of all, we would like to thank everyone that has participated in the Loyalty Bonus Program so far. We have already received nearly 5 million tokens of the 17 million that had been sold during Pre-ICO, and we still have plenty of days until the end of the LBP on the 1st of […]


Loyalty Bonus Program Update

Dear community, In the past few months we have been thinking a lot on how we should reward our most valued investors that have supported us from the start. Based on the feedback we have received through our community channels, we feel we reached a fair way to reward participants for their trust and patience in our […]